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Who Killed Big Shaun 

Killer Caleidh

Script Available at a reasonable 


Set in the small highland village of Moraig, our story revolves around the recent murder of head waiter, Shaun Runsalot. His killer sits amongst a strange group of friends, gathered together for a Halloween Dinner. That person, however, has every reason to keep their involvement a secret. As a relative of one of those present, Shaun was protected by the group's binding 'Oath of Allegiance', but it would appear as if someone...has broken their bond! If those present can deduce the murderer correctly, the guilty party will receive their just deserts, and Shaun's soul will be able to rest in peace. However, if the group fails, the killer will escape prosecution, and Shaun's soul will spend an eternity in torment, endlessly searching for justice, whilst trapped in the barren 'Fort William World’, The Land of Lost Souls, a desolate place between this world and the next.

The Eight Murder suspects:

  1. Ivan/Irena BurnstheGrub – The Chef

  2. Samuel/ Samantha OwnsAlot– The Landed Gentry

  3. Gerry / Geri Giesapint – The local ‘barstander’.

  4. John / Jane Snoopsalot – The Local reporter  - The NorthWord

  5. Euan / Euphemia Cooksthechuck– the local cafe owner 

  6. Ronnie / Roxy Smellsafish – the local fisher man/woman

  7. Micky / MairaidHugsthesheep – the local shepherd/ shepherdess

  8. Tam / Tina Playsthetunes – The local pub musician

We find ourselves in the remote highland village of Moraig.Its inhabitants range from mainly crofters to landed aristocracy, but they share their village with several strange characters of a seemingly more sinister nature. The local murder rate is zilch and this murder is unexpected and leaves the population bewildered, if not slightly suspicious of their eccentric locals that is, the guests assembled tonight.

This evening's party has been arranged to celebrate the annual Halloween Dinner. However, the festivities have been overshadowed by the recent death of well-liked waiter, Shaun Runsalot, who was pushed to his death from the top of CreagMhor, the local mountain, only two days ago. The villagers are outraged andthe finger is pointed at the suspects: those gathered for tonight's festivities.

In amongst the tangled webs of deceit which wove their way through Shaun’s short but troubled life, we find a none too surprising array of motives for murder, amongst the assembled guests:

Hatred, Greed, Passion, Jealousy, Revenge, Love, Ambition

All eventually rear their ugly heads in a night most will wish had never happened. Guests should try to unravel the threads running through the evening's rich tapestry, until they finally arrive at the killer's door.

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