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The Family
The Family

In Glasgow, the mob is one. The Family, a collective of twelve heavy crime families, has formed to fight the influx of migrant gangs. Glasgow has a new menace with the arrival of asn ISIS cell which kidnaps a plice officer. The Family has eyes and ears on the streets and Police Scotland need it to find the cell and save the police officer. Sean Rooney, esrstwhile forensic profiler, now Father of the Family, is pivotal to this. Suffering mental illness with godgly delusions, can he employ his 'twelve disciples' and save the police officer and the city against ISIS, now increasing in strength with the influx of soldiers arriving with migrant gangs and asylum seekers into the city?


Killers, gangs, terrorists genrally have a reason for murder, e.g. love, sex, money, power, honour, religion, revenge! But Sean Rooney, a good man, what is his reason?


The Family is the second book in the Sean Rooney, psychosleuth crime series. 

Publisher: McNidder and Grace

Avialable in: Kindle and Paperback

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