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The Castle, is the Prequal to The Father and is set in the largest Victorian psychiatric hospital in Europe, where long stay patients are being systematically murdered. Although thought to be suicides, where suicide is a common feature of psychiatric hospitals, not raising much concern by the ‘authorities’, Sean becomes suspicious over why so many patients are dying. Aided by some interesting patients, suffering mental illness themselves, Sean and his ‘cohorts’, set off on a journey to both find the killer and uncover the reasons why he is ‘culling’ members of the long stay patient population. The killer could be an overly ‘caring’ consultant, a charge nurse with a ‘psychotic’ need to dispose of people he sees as a drain on society, a psychopath patient known for attacking mentally ill people, or a member of the local community, who fearing the discharge of many patient into the community sees the patients as a threat to his family, or other characters as yet to be created! First Draft Progressing well!


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